Sprinter add van rear seat L-track installation

Adding Rear Seat to Mercedes Sprinter Van? Is two-way installation possible with L-track?

How do I add a rear seat to my Sprinter van?

Before discussing this topic, please be safe and responsible. Use professionals as much as needed, evaluate your usage, and check regulations in your area. Seats meant for traveling in vehicles are important for passenger safety. 

Do you have a cargo Sprinter van conversion with no rear seats, or do you simply want a more flexible passenger layout? There are multiple ways to install rear seats; the cheapest way is to buy used factory seats from a passenger Sprinter with oem mounting brackets. The easiest way, is to buy a rear seat with a simple metal frame to bolt to the body (non removable). Another method that I prefer, is buying seats with L-Track mounts to fully customize your layout. There are many companies who offer aftermarket flooring solutions with embeded L-tracks, most popular companies are Travois and RRE. L-track seats can also be found at Adventure Wagon. Since I built my van to have bi-directional seating and it was prior to the invention of RRE Smartfloor and Travois L-track flooring mainstream availability, I decided to create my own using DIY Titan parts (see video).  

Mercedes Sprinter Factory oem rear seats

(Sprinter rear passenger oem factory seats and mounts)

Travois Sprinter Mercedes Van L-track rail

(Travois L-track 8 rails flooring)

RRE Smartfloor Sprinter Mercedes Van L-track

(RRE Global Smartfloor L-track flooring)

I purchased the parts from DIY Titan. They offer seats made by Freedman, which are popular in many commercial fleets, and combines them with Unwin L-track seat locker which were successfully tested to ECE Regulation. Remember that even with DOT seatbelts and crash tested mounts, properly installing and bolting the L-track to the body of the van with large spacers and bracing is just as important. Make sure to also leave enough space between the rear and front seats.

All bolted to the body of the van, I decided to add recessed L-tracks in two direction (see picture below) to allow the Unwin seat mounts to lock sideways or facing the road. When in sideways position, it opens the layout and increases mobility inside the van but also allows visibility through the side door when eating at a nice location (see video). When facing forward, passengers are safer when traveling and are less at risk for motion sickness. Table mounts were installed in both directions for flexibility as well. L-track installation, if measured properly, do not require dropping the diesel tank; however, those facing sideways will, if you wish to install all available bolts properly. 

DIY Titan L-track two way bi-directional rear seat sprinter van

(Two way L-track seat mounts using DIY Titan parts)

DIY Titan L-track two way bi-directional rear seat sprinter van table

(Bi-directional L-track seat mounts with two table mounts)

Two Way bi-directional rear seat Sprinter van 
(Rear seat facing forward and sideways) 
(Open Layout walk through when seat in sideways position)

Are L-Track safe for passenger seats, and is adding rear seats to my Sprinter legal?

Before we talk about legality, good quality L-tracks have a very high pulling capacity, and the seats and mounts are DOT approved. Companies like Travois are using L-track to mount their seats and their products are street legal for conversions. Also, L-Tracks are used to secure seats in commercial planes. However, installing DIY custom seats in your van means that it wasn’t crash tested once assembled, like your front factory seats, so it is illegal if your van is registered as a passenger vehicle. As such, I recommend having a professional install them, especially if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself safely. There is a gray area depending on your country or state when your van is registered as a Class B RV, since regulations are a lot more lenient for recreational vehicles rear seats according to NHSTA. I rarely transport passengers in the rear but I like to have the ability to do so if needed. Most often, the rear seats are in the sideways position for the open layout, and facing forward when 4 people are eating with front seats swiveled toward the table. 

Which L-track rear seat should I get for my van?

Really depends on your needs and layout. Other than the ones' from DIY Titan, which requires you to place your own L-track on the floor, I really like the Travois Siesta Seat which turns into a bed (see video and skip to 17:15). Another option I really like, and that I saw at SEMA 2022, is the Van Equipped Single Comfort Seat which swivels and is sold by Van Land or RRE.

Van Equipped Comfort Seat L-track single swivel rear seat (Van Equipped Comfort Seat)



As always, if something is missing or you would like to add more information, please comment below to let me know what you are thinking! :) 

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Great job. Can you tell me the dimensions of your L-tracks, and where you got them from (was there any special L-track that was heavy duty? I am putting a double ford transit seat with L-track to allow easy putting and taking out seats if I have passengers. The quick release product at Titandiy said doesn’t work with ford transit seats. Yours looks like a ford transit seat. Do you know whether that is true or not? Thanks for your help.

Leslyn S Leong

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