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Our Goal is to share people, places, and gear which allows for new experiences.

We have traveled and backpacked all around the world but we believe that overlanding, particularly with a 4x4 van, is a unique way to live and experience nature. A Sprinter camper enables you to have lunch in a new city, then to surf/swim the afternoon, have a hot shower, and sleep on a beach without moving your vehicle. In 4x4, it enables you to explore remote areas without water or electricity nearby and still have the comfort of a home. Furthermore, camping is now a four season activity, even in the snow, for an early warm morning of winter sports. We have had many experiences in other adventure trucks such as in a Toyota Tacoma and Land Rover Defender, but we believe a Sprinter 4x4 is where Van Life meets Overland and we are passionate in sharing what can be done with those vehicles. Gear For Experiences built a custom Sprinter 4x4 camper, with many manufacturers, who make some of the best products for the ultimate off-the-grid 4x4 van. Professional product installer, photographer, videographer, blogger, and one day product creator, are all the tools we will use to create value to the community. We are constantly researching the latest innovations to provide consulting and content creation for the community.