Commonly Asked Questions

What's new for 2023+ Sprinter AWD?

On 2023+ Sprinters AWD, you no longer have selectable 2wd, 4hi and 4lo. Instead you get a permanently activated AWD system that automatically engages 4 wheel drive when needed. Also, V6 diesel engine is discontinued and two 4cyl diesel variants replaces it, including one that matches the V6 power. Transmission first gear is now lower to try to compensate for lack of 4 low range gearing in transfer case. It appears that the new platform is better for most people except for those who truly like to off road. Locker might be necessary for off road on AWD models. 

+ less lag in the engine
+ Better steering
+ 50:50 ratio when AWD activates
+ Better with B20 diesel

- Not full time AWD
- Lack of 4Lo
- 4cyl with twin turbos for 10k pounds
- 4ETS not as capable when one wheel in the air according to AO testing.

Can I get more power out of my Sprinter 4x4 diesel VS30 and NCV3? 

Yes, both Agile Offroad with DTE and Owl Van with Renntech offer a tune to increase fuel consumption and as such turbo pressure to increase power (not California legal). Power: +36 WHP / Torque: +44 FT-LBS / Fuel Consumption: up to -15% fuel savings

How much air tire pressure should I put in my Sprinter 4x4 when off road? How to quickly inflate and deflate tire? 

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Are suspension upgrades worth it on Sprinter 4x4? Which suspension should I choose? Agile Offroad, Van Compass, Evictus? 

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How do I find dispersed campgrounds?

In the USA, dispersed camping is allowed in National Forests and BLM as long as there isn’t a sign explicitly saying no overnight camping allowed. I recommend downloading iOverlander app on your phone or tablet as well as Gaïa or equivalent topo map with NF and BLM overlays. iOverlander has a community with tagged waypoints to find last minute camping spots; it also has data telling you where to refill propane tanks, find public showers, water connections, dry cleaners, etc. I recommend buying the Garmin Overlander or the new Tread for an all in one package. See video. Another application that has shown recently to be very user friendly and effective for finding land use and new trails is OnX Offroad

How do I mount all my accessories?

I suggest buying Ram Mounts you can add a rail to put multiple 1inch Ram balls, allowing you to mount multiple accessories. If you don’t want to drill, you can use the tough claw on the front door handles or the new NAVIDOK Overland by Terra X. Ram makes solid phone, iPad, but also computer mounts. It is the system used by law enforcement, EMS, and military. See video

How do I add a rear seat to my Sprinter? Are L-Track safe for passenger seats, and is adding rear seats to my Sprinter legal?

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How to make Sprinter more off road capable? Is a rear locking differential available for the Sprinter? Can we have a true 4x4 transfer case with 50:50 gear ratio on a Sprinter V30/NCV4?

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How to install Owl Van rear door carriers?

If you have standard hinges (180 degree), all you have to do is drill a hole on the door you wish to install the carrier, following Owl Van template. If you have 270 degree hinges, you will need to buy and replace those with regular hinges prior to installation.

Does Owl Van door carriers interfere with sensor and back up cameras?

No, the bike rack does not interfere with the backup sensors (see video) and with one bike you can still see through the camera. If you were to add more than one bike I would recommend getting an additional wireless backup camera for those instances.

Owl Vans Sherpa or B2 carrier?

I’ve had both for 3 years and lots of off-roading bouncing around. The B2 is rated for 150lbs due to the tubular construction and the Sherpa 100lbs. I would recommend the B2 without hesitation if you off road a lot for mounting bikes and more. The Sherpa is a great option for vertical 1up bike mount if all you put is bikes, but it isn’t intended for both bikes + box. The Sherpa’s advantage is that it is very modular, so if you need to a witch between bikes, box, etc during different seasons than the Sherpa gives you more flexibility in regard to attachment points.

How many batteries and solar do I need?

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Why can’t I idle my Diesel Sprinter? 

In order to comply with emission regulations, starting in 2008, Sprinters have the famous DEF fluid to refill and components such as the DPF. This can get very technical, but simply speaking: Diesel don’t run hot when idling which prevents excess matters found in DPF from burning clean. As such, you should avoid idling for a long period of time, and prioritize highway over urban travel which promotes idling of vehicle to keep cabin warm or cool while waiting at red lights. 2019+ Sprinters will continue the DPF regeneration process while idling, however since most people don’t check to see when this process is occurring, they often stop their vehicle in the middle of the process. As such, checking when DPF regeneration is occurring and promoting highway commute can prevent costly emission systems failure. I personally don’t idle my van more than 30 minutes, if truly stuck in traffic I turn off the engine. It is possible to get emissions systems removed but it may not comply with emissions standards laws in your state/county. Warning: as mentioned in the manual, wait 15min after stopping engine before unplugging battery to allow enough time for emissions systems to reset. 

How do I shift safely into 4x4 on VS30 (2019-2022) Sprinters?

Shift in 4x4 when fully stopped on flat ground: put in neutral, press button, wait for light to go fully red, you can roll in neutral for a sec if needed but no faster than 3mph. If it doesn’t engage, don’t switch gear, press the button to stop 4x4 engagement. Drive a little more and try again. Do not force 4x4 into engaging by switching from Drive, Neutral and Reverse while red light is blinking. Since Mercedes transformed an AWD based system to have 4Lo, 4Hi, and 2wd, you can not activate 4x4 while transfercase is under stress (driving). As such, if weather is bad, or traction might be limited, switch to 4Hi prior to leaving. If you are going to be going up and down hill off road or might completely lose traction on one or more wheel switch to 4Lo prior to attempting such course. Cons: you can not switch to 4x4 while driving and you get 65/35 ratio when engaged. Pros: once engaged, you are not limited in speed and you won’t bind doing tight turns. 

How often should I refill DEF fluid?

There isn’t an exact recommend duration but it is important to remember that officially DEF has a one year shelf life. Also, DEF in contact with air will crystallize, many Sprinter owners had the misfortune of not topping off their DEF often enough and had their DEF sensor crystallize, followed by limp mode even after they refilled their tank. Crystallized sensor may require replacement of the whole DEF tank. As such, I recommend topping off your DEF as often as you can. I don’t let mine fall below 1/4 for more than a week or two. On 2019+ models, you can actually go into setting on your dash and permanently show the DEF gauge. 

What should I be worried about when installing swivel seat?

When installing a swivel seat, make sure your main starting battery is disconnected prior to unbolting and disconnecting airbags. Failure to do so will lead to a warning default light on the dash which can only be reset by Mercedes or authorized dealers. It is good habit to always disconnect battery when messing with oem wires. Also, be thoughtful of wire management for seat heaters, etc to prevent overextension and binding of cables when swiveling. 

What is the largest size tire I can fit on my Sprinter? Does 275 spare tire fit under the Sprinter? Can I fit 35” tires? 

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How high is the ceiling in the pop top? Low roof Pop Top or High Roof Sprinter? Where to get a pop top? 

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What does the pop top look like inside? 

Look at video here for an inside look

Is the pop top too hot in the summer? Is the pop top good in winter?

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*Answers to these questions are from Gear For Experiences knowledge on the topic at the time of writing. We try to be as accurate as possible but cannot guarantee that all information is correct, if you notice an error or would like more information please contact us! We are passionate about doing research on this space and will look into issues that arise. Thank you!