Largest biggest tire size Mercedes Sprinter Van 35" tires

What is the biggest tire for Mercedes Sprinter van? Can I run 35" tires?

What is the largest size tire I can fit on my Sprinter? 

If you are not scared to modify a lot your vehicle then Mercedes Sprinter max tire dimensions are (as of 2022):

- 35" tires (35X12.5-17) or 34.5" tires (315/70-17) For Sprinter with ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)

- Up to 46" tires for Sprinter without ACC: Arctic trucks have installed that size with major modifications! Popular in Iceland, but also available in the USA with 50/50 ratio, SAS, 4x4 conversion w/ CTIS and 44" tires for  $160k + vehicle, I'll just say it, it's not for everyone! 

Artic Trucks  Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 CTIS 44" tires.jpg (Photo from Arctic Trucks' website) 

First, you need to decide whether or not you are willing to cut or modify fenders to fit bigger tires. Then the following questions will orient your decision. Is your Sprinter already lifted, such as the Sprinter 4x4? Is it a Sprinter NCV3 or VS30? If it is 2wd, are you willing to lift suspension? If it is 4x4, are you trying to go 35"+ ? Lastly, do you have Adaptive Cruise Control or not? 

Both Sprinter 2wd and 4x4 factory tire size is: 245/75/16 (30.5" tire diameter)

How to read tires: ( width / height - rim diameter )  Note: Width will also affect height if paired with a wide or narrow rim. 

No modification largest size Sprinter 2500 NCV3 (2007-2018):

- 2wd: 265/70-17 or 265/75-16

- 4x4: 275/70-17 (close to 32.5" tires)

For VS30 (2019+): Whether 2wd or 4x4, anything larger than factory (245) will require changing front mud flaps to smaller ones and front wheel well trimming if going larger than 265. 

Minimal modification largest size tires for: 

2wd: 265/70-17

4x4 (lifted): 275/70-17 (close to 32.5" tires)

Smaller front mud flap fenders options are offered by Agile Offroad, Van Compass, Terrawagen,

If you wish to go bigger than 265 on a 2WD Sprinter, I recommend contacting Off Highway Van. They offer a 2" body lift and suspension specifically designed for rear wheel drive models. 

OHV (Off Highway Vans) Sprinter 2WD 2" body lift  (OHV Sprinter 2WD 2" body lift)

Anything larger than 275/70-17 will require lift, more wheel well and mudflaps removal, and if you have (ACC) Adaptive Cruise Control, you will need a module update from Renntech offered by Owl Vans or Agile Offroad which, since 2022, will enable to have up 35" tires and retain ACC. Note: once you go larger than 275, you will also need to buy a spacer for the sliding door to clear passenger rear tire or buy a door stop to prevent door from fully open. 

Agile Offroad recommends not going larger than 285/75-17 (almost 34" tires), since it already requires mini front mudflaps, some trimming, sliding door spacer, and ACC module correction. That’s the largest you can run with the Agile OffRoad RIP kit since it doesn’t have body spacers which are needed to clear the DEF tank. 

Van Compass 2" lift 35" tires Sprinter 4x4 (Photo Van Compass 315/75-16 or 34.6" tires with 2" Stryker lift)

If you want true 35" (35X12.5-17), I recommend contacting Van Compass, or Owl Vans since it will require some of VC 2" Striker lift kit (body lift) on top of the regular suspension lift, trimming, etc. The 2" body lift is not just for clearing the fender but also to prevent modification of the DEF tank which will also rub on diesel models. Source: Tim from Adrenaline Vans has 34"+ tires without 2" body lift but he had to modify DEF tank and more. 

Important considerations when going 35" : Cost, you will also want to regear your differential pinion to accommodate for the much larger tires than factory, so it will also be a good opportunity to add ARB rear locker. Moreover, if you don't live in California, you may also want to do a tune to compensate for the loss of power that comes with bigger wheels (Agile Offroad with DTE and Owl Van with Renntech). You'll also want rims that are at least 8" wide with +38 or lower offset.

Adrenaline Vans Sprinter 4x4 35x12.5 Van Compass Stryker liftAdrenaline Vans Sprinter 4x4 35x12.5 Van Compass Stryker lift

(Adrenaline Vans installing 35x12.5 tires with a Van Compass Stryker 2" lift)

- Here's a tire calculator: 

- Here's Van Compass tires size chart: 

Last question, does 275 spare tire fit under the Sprinter factory location?

Yes, 275/70-17 or smaller fits but it requires Agile Offroad spare tire cage extension bracket and a little bending of the cage.

Agile Offroad Oversized Spare Tire Basket Brackets for Sprinter

If you are wondering what I currently run on my Sprinter 4x4, well it is 275/70-17 on Black Rhino Arsenal with Agile Offroad 20mm spacers, RIP kit and my 275 spare tire is tucked under the factory location. At the time of install the ACC correction for 35" tires didn't exist and it was my only option for newer Sprinters. I still think it is the setup that provides the most value for the money. In the future, I am ready to modify even more my van once my current tires are done, and I would like to have true 35" tires. 

When and why do you want 35” tires?

If you only do forest roads, trails to find more isolated campsites, and the occasional White Rim type trail, then 35” tires are definitely not worth the cost and heavy modifications to the vehicle. However, If you often like to do moderate or higher difficulty Jeep trails and hang out with Overlanders driving a short bed Tacoma on 33”+ tires, then you might be at a disadvantage even though you also have close to 33”.
A Sprinter 144 is the same length as a long bed Tacoma and having 34”+ tires would provide close to the same break over angle as a short bed on 33”.  Also, the Sprinter has a unibody with independent front suspension, so it doesn’t have much articulation. Having 35 would increase ground contact over uneven terrain and increase traction. Also, having 35 would further lower stress associated with damaged rocker panels since steel sliders are heavy and not a great option on unibodies (Note: VC does offer steel rock sliders) . Remember, even a Sprinter on 35” tires with locker, due to size, still isn’t a Rubicon trail ready vehicle. 


As always, if something is missing or you would like to add more information, please comment below to let me know what you are thinking! :) 

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Hi John! Yes, the spacers are to clear for the coils on the Agile Offroad RIP kit. If you don’t have coils, then the spacers are not necessary.

Gear For Experiences

Is it possible to run the Arsenal wheels without the spacers? Looking to get 275/70-17s.


Hello Joe! My rims are Black Rhino Arsenal with 38mm offset. Since factory is 52mm, the rim itself pushes wheel out 14mm plus the AO 20mm spacer for a total of 34mm further out than factory.

Gear For Experiences

Great article! You mentioned you run 275/70/17’s w/ the 20 mm spacer. Do you know what the offset is on your wheels (without spacer)? Thnx- Joe


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